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KIMCHI MOBILE – Cell phone plans in korea

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Kimchi Mobile teamed up with SK Telecom, one of the biggest mobile service provider in South Korea. Now, we can help Native English Teachers to have an unlimited mobile plan with a new cell phone or just a SIM card and get your device. Both 12M or 24M contracts are available, and you can get a special discount for the unlimited mobile plan including Data, Calls and Text messages.


SIM Card Only

Kimchi Mobile Spicy Deal

Limited Offer for Native English Teachers

SIM Card only deal

No Deposit

E2 & F Visa holders

12M unlimited cell phone plans in Korea Contract

Monthly 49,418KRW (after 25% rate discount)
*Originally 65,890KRW (Appr. 57USD)

Apple iPhone 8


Installment payment

No Deposit

E2 & F Visa holders

12M / 24M Unlimted Plan Contract

Monthly 91,302KRW (Appr. 79USD)  ~

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Samsung Galaxy  S9


Installment payment

No Deposit

E2 & F Visa holders

12 / 24M Unlimted Plan Contract

91,789KRW/mo (Appr. 79USD/mo) ~

Prepaid SIM card


No Installment payment

No Deposit

Any passport holders for 90days short-term service

E2 & F Visa holders for a permanant service

No Contract

No ARC Required


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Unlimited cell phone plans in korea

You don’t need to be wired and get your data freedom with Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Plan includes

Unlimited Data
Unlimited Talk & Text
HD video streaming
Mobile hotspot

Unlimited cell phone plans in korea