Your prepaid SIM card will only last for 90 days upon receiving it and must be recharged monthly to continue service. After 90 days with no recharging, your SIM card will just be able to receive calls and texts for an additional ten day grace period. After 90 days of no recharging, your prepaid phone number will be lost.

Purchased credits are only valid for 30 days, and users must recharge their credits monthly to maintain service.

[Credit Calling/Texting/Data Rates]

4 KRW Per 1 Sec Approx. 41 Mins for 10,000 KRW
22 KRW Per 1 SMS Approx. 450 Text Messages for 10,000 KRW
22.53 KRW Per 1 MB Approx. 450 MB for 10,000 KRW

*You need to contact 7 mobile customer service by dial 114 to provide a copy of your ARC if you want to use your prepaid service more than 90 days.

[Prepaid SIM card credit recharge instruction]

For information on how to recharge your credits or how to call domestically or internationally, please visit the Kimchi Mobile Service FAQ.