ARC (Alien Registration Card) is required document for applying a new cell phone or a SIM card in Korea. This article is trying to helping you to scan your ARC to avoid an activation decline by SK telecom for your new cell phone deal in Korea.

Why is it so important?

You want to have your SIM card or your new cell phone as soon as possible. Kimchi Mobile team will send your application and scanned color photo ID to SK telecom for an activation and mostly it’s done by the afternoon. When we request you an acceptable ID again, your activation and shipping are postponed for extra one or two days.

A sample of acceptable ID

ARC (Alien Registration Card) should be a bright, non-reflected copy. It must be A4 size, a pure white background and any other subject other than ID should not appear on file such as fingers holding ID.

  • An ID color must be bright and has no light reflection
  • An ID must be well focused, and all the information must be clear and readable
  • All four corners (edges) of ID must have appeared
  • An ID must be straight and not tilted
  • An ID must be scanned using physical scanning machine
  • Ad ID must have A4 size blank paper as a background when you scan
  • If you have used “Evernote Scannable APP” you must enhance your photo

Samples of not acceptable ID

It is easy to get a scanned copy of your ID when you are using “Evernote scannable app” and get a job done. Most of the other scanning apps are automatically decide scanning object’s boundaries which are the edges of ID photo. Most of the times the file result is insufficient because all four corners of ID does not appear and cropped automatically.

When you are using a physical scanner, you must place your ID in the center of the scanning panel and use a blank A4 size white paper as a background. Most of the times, your scanning application will automatically crop the corners of your ID, and you may have to do it again.

*An ID information must be well focused and clear to read.

*all four corners of ID need to appear correctly.

*all four corners of ID need to appear correctly.

*An ID original color must adequately appear.

*An ID must be in color.

*An ID information must be well focused and clear to read.

How to scan my ID to be acceptable?

Since 7th April 2018, SK telecom will only accept scanned ID for cell phone activation and you must scan your ID (ARC) using physical scanning machine.

We can’t guarantee that using Evernote Scannable scanning app will be acceptable however you may want to try it if you can’t access any physical scanning machine around you.

So we suggest you download a scanning app calls “Evernote Scannable” and, please make sure that camera has non-flash setting. Any light reflection on your ID is not acceptable and, ID color must adequately appear. Also, you need to make sure the focus is correct, so all the information is precise to read.

1. Prepare a clean A4 size paper and your ID.
2. Download “Evernote Scannable App”
3. Sign up for Evernote account to log in.
4. Place your ID in the center of A4 size paper.
5. Aim for the A4 size paper and make sure that your phone is straightly faced towards to your ID and white paper.
6. Save your scanned document and send to us.

PRO TIP: You want to use enhancing mode for your result so you will have a pure white background as the same result of using physical scanning machine.

Video Tutorial – How to scan your ID using an APP

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